Stacy Speiller

Oakdale resident Stacy Speiller has been sworn in as a Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge.

The Investiture Ceremony was held Dec. 8.

“Right now I’m a family law specialist,” said Speiller, who received her appointment to the bench from Gov. Jerry Brown earlier this month.

Speiller, who has been a partner in the law firm of Cash-Dudley Speiller and Torres in Modesto, said she will be phasing out her partnership as she moves in to her new career on the bench.

And while her specialty is in family law at the Modesto firm, she isn’t sure what type of cases or what department she will be in at the county courthouse.

“They will assign me wherever I’m needed,” Speiller said.

The process to be appointed to the bench is a lengthy, rigorous one, she explained, including completing a multi-page extensive application and appearing before different interview panels, as well as having colleagues in the law community provide input. Speiller first appeared before a panel in Stockton and later had a roughly 90-minute interview in Los Angeles as she moved through the process.

A partner in the Modesto firm since 2010, Speiller and her family live in Oakdale and said they chose to locate here for a few different reasons.

“We really liked the community, it has a nice school system and my job is based in Modesto,” she said of being close to work while still enjoying the small town atmosphere of Oakdale.

She also said once the application and interviews were completed, it was a waiting game.

“I got a call from the appointment secretary for the governor,” Speiller explained. “You really don’t know (if you’ve been selected) until you get that call.”