TERESA HAMMOND/209 Business Journal
The barbers of the newly opened West F Street Oakdale Barber Shop, from left, Jorge Costello, Tara Lamott, Angel Cerasi and Fernando Hernandez.

By Teresa Hammond

There’s a new quartet in town, but they’re not specializing in music. They’re specializing in hair, most specifically men’s.

In mid-January, four passionate barbers opened the doors and welcomed customers to Oakdale Barber Shop. The newly opened business is in the art deco building on West F Street.

Shop barbers Fernando Hernandez, Jorge Costello, Tara Lamott and Angel Cerasi stated they share a love for Oakdale, which prompted the opening of the business. Cerasi’s father Leo Cerasi is the silent partner/owner of the business, and each barber rents chair space from him.

“We just wanted something more to give back to the community,” Angel Cerasi said of the team, who first met while working at another shop. “We love Oakdale. We love working in Oakdale.”

Each of the barbers completed their training with Central Valley Barber College, Riverbank, during the course of the past two years.

Hernandez shared it was a long-time love of barbering on the side for close to 25 years, which prompted him to pursue the training and license.

“Our clients are all our bosses,” Hernandez stated, “and at the end of the day it’s our job to make our bosses feel great.”

Lamott is a cosmetologist turned barber. The female barber shared after eight years in the cosmetology business she decided to become more specialized in her trade.

“Barbers are detailers,” she said. “That’s the one thing that made me go back to barber school from being a cosmo. I feel like as a barber you’re a little more of a detailer. A little more specialized.”

As for the clientele and the shop offerings, the quartet shared in addition to haircuts they offer everything from the old school straight razor shave, hot towel shave, to mustache waxing, hair tint and air brushing.

“We’re like modern, but old school,” Cerasi said. “We try to be a little of both. Catering to the kids, as well as older clientele.”

As for the community support since opening its doors, the foursome shared they are extremely pleased with the loyalty, as well as the walk-in business.

“Oakdale has just been really good to us,” Hernandez said. “We want to keep making Oakdale a beautiful place one head at a time.”

Oakdale Barber Shop is open for both appointments as well as walk-ins from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays.