Teresa Hammond/209 Business Journal
Wellness specialist Bree McClintock, right, helps new client Faith Lisson during a Magnetic Wellness session using BEMER therapy. McClintock recently joined the Body Tropics team in Oakdale, using a space within the building to bring the advanced therapy to the community.

The concept is simple, yet the effects profound.

Cutting edge technology has found its way to Oakdale and owner Bree McClintock could not be more excited to share it with the community.

McClintock recently opened Magnetic Wellness featuring BEMER Therapy. It’s a system which helps increase energy, assists the body in healing, as well as offers immune system support. All this through the stillness of lying on a table, similar in appearance to a massage table, which features a mat attached to a machine that sends “pulsed electro-magnetic frequencies” through the body.

BEMER sessions may range from eight to 30 minutes, depending on the client’s needs and/or ailments. It ultimately promotes circulation in the individual’s body, which in turn brings with it great benefits to one’s overall health.

“Circulation is everything. It helps you out of pain,” McClintock said of the BEMER system and her discovery of it. “It helps with sleep, it helps with depression.”

Now five years in the essential oil business, McClintock has seen the positive profound effects that non-traditional treatments can have on the body, mind and spirit. She has seen the benefits of BEMER Therapy not only on herself, but her family as well. So much so, she approached Body Tropics owner Kama Robinson with the idea of bringing it to the community.

“It already went hand in hand with what she was doing,” Robinson said of her essential oils business. “She’s such a natural healer, it made sense. She’s so good at it.”

Robinson shared her own positive outcome from not just use of the oils, but the BEMER therapy as well, noting that in addition to spending time on the mat, she places the pad (used for concentrated treatment) on her gut to aid with her overall gut health.

“I live with the belt on my gut,” she said of her treatment time with McClintock. “Everybody likes it on their back and on their spine, which is great. I put it on my stomach. After a week I’d hear my stomach gurgle every time.”

According to McClintock the increased circulation throughout the body, opens the capillaries aiding with anything from aches and muscle pain to better digestion (i.e.: gut health). Recommended usage is twice a day, but with 16 to 24 hours of effectiveness post treatment, McClintock shares every other day may prove powerful for most.

McClintock believes so much in the treatment that she is currently offering the first two treatments for free. Clients can then pay per visit or purchase a monthly pass.

“When you unblock all your capillaries, your heart’s not having to work as hard,” she said. “It (the magnetic pulse) promotes circulation.”

With just a few months of providing the service and the testimonials already coming in, McClintock becomes emotional when posed with the question of why she enjoys bringing this to the community.

“The reward is just making people feel so good,” she said through tears. “I love helping people. It makes me feel good.”

Magnetic Wellness is located in the Body Tropics building at 131 S. Second Ave., Oakdale. Hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For additional information or to arrange a complimentary appointment call (209) 505-4374.