ANGELINA MARTIN/209 Business Journal
Noel Dickey and Rajwinder Bahia opened 1507 Boutique in April with the family shoe shopper in mind.

When Noel Dickey and Rajwinder Bahia were looking for a place their new family shoe boutique could call home, they knew downtown Turlock was their first option for a few reasons. Downtown offers camaraderie between businesses on Main Street, the family-friendly vibe that radiates throughout the streets in the evenings and, most importantly, the area’s lack of a shop that caters solely to its customers’ feet.

So far, 1507 Boutique’s location is serving the couple well, they said, as the store prepares to celebrate its grand opening this weekend.

“Turlock is very vibrant. You have a lot of families strolling around, so this is where we really wanted the shop,” Bahia said. “We already love our neighbors, and that was one of the biggest draws for us to lease this building.”

With less than 700 square feet to work with, Bahia and Dickey have turned their small downtown location into a shoe lover’s dream, working over months to chip away at the space’s concrete walls to reveal the 114-year-old brick underneath. A variety of shoes for men, women and children — countless styles for any occasion — line the shelves against the wall, providing shoppers with a selection of designers with varying prices.

“There aren’t a lot of places to shop for shoes downtown, so I wanted to offer affordable shoes as well as designer shoes for customers, that way they don’t have to drive to Modesto or out of town,” Dickey said.

Family shoe shopping is 1507 Boutique’s mantra, providing shoes with memory foam that are especially helpful for children who have difficulty walking, and dress shoes for men that provide more stability and comfort. As a physician, Bahia provides input for every shoe that comes into the store.

On Sundays, 1507 Boutique takes appointments for private shopping, allowing families to block off an hour of their day for uninterrupted shoe shopping time.

“We based everything about this store on our own experience as parents, so we wanted to provide this for busy families,” Bahia said. “We have small children, so we know what it takes to shop and if you can dedicate an hour, it helps.”

Currently, 1507 Boutique is offering 25 percent off dress shoes for high school and college graduates who show their school ID now until the end of May.

1507 Boutique is located at 101 E. Main St., Turlock. For more information call 620-8700.