For the past five years Go Fresh has been thriving with an expansion of their health food brand along with opening more locations to get people to eat healthy. CEO and co-founder Billy Anderson made it his mission to create meals that were not only healthy for individual needs, but to make sure they were tasty and affordable.

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Billy Anderson opened
Go Fresh five years ago with a focus on healthy, locally-sourced meals.

Anderson and his fiancé were trying to figure out how to take their passion for health and fitness and turn it into a career; they decided to focus on food so that people could be healthier. Originally, the company was launched in Modesto in 2014 called Prep For Success (PFS for short) and was more of a performance food brand that was shipped all over the country. At that time, Anderson explained that Modesto was number five on the unhealthiest cities in the country, so he saw this as an opportunity. Although their meals were not very tasty at first, according to Anderson, and had to be shipped frozen, they still saw some success. But this was not the direction they wanted to go so they decided to refocus the brand and renamed it Go Fresh, which was a better fit for them.

“We wanted to make sure the food tasted good and was healthy and fresh,” said Anderson. “The name is Go Fresh not frozen. So we decided to abandon that model and focus on something that was fresh and sustainable.”

The Modesto storefront was opened in 2016 and in 2018 the Turlock store opened. This year, a Pleasanton location was opened.

“We are growing,” said Anderson. “We are a corporation so we want to have a lot of different brands all geared towards healthy eating. We focus on healthy fresh food here. We have another brand called Lean Bites Bakery which is more geared towards being able to ship to people’s homes and that is geared towards healthy snacks, shelf stable snacks like cookies, brownies, and baked goods like that.”

The Go Fresh brand can be ordered online on their website or you can visit one of their three locations. Meals can be customized to fit a specific need with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and a snack to make it complete.

A few of his favorites to enjoy is the carne asada plate and the sesame chicken plate made with healthy ingredients. The meal options are gluten free and list the macronutrients on the package. There are plates that have sesame chicken, green beans and white rice, another option is the lime-sesame turkey with meatballs, and veggies, or one may be interested in the chipotle chicken cauliflower nachos that is Keto, low carb and gluten free.

He knows people have cravings and explained how it is unrealistic to think that everyone is going to eat broccoli, rice, and a plain piece of chicken all the time. The team at Go Fresh has created meals with local vegetables and other local ingredients like Sciabica Olive Oil. Their menu changes each month due to using local ingredients so whatever is in season will be included in the next menu.

The meals are priced between $5 and $11 making the healthy option affordable and moving beyond the stigma of healthy eating is costly.

They also work with Get Fit gyms in Modesto and Oakdale to provide healthy meals that are requested from the nutritionist.

“Five years later we are thriving; we have multiple brands, multiple locations and I couldn’t be happier,” stated Anderson. “So believe in yourself, believe in the opportunity that you see regardless if anybody else sees it, because if everyone else sees it, it is probably not an opportunity.”