VIRGINIA STILL/209 Business Journal
Greg and Danielle Fraioli opened BurgerIM in Modesto
in March and offer lunch and dinner every day of the week.


There is a new burger joint in Modesto that offers millions of possibilities for your own personalized creation. Danielle and Greg Fraioli opened BurgerIM in March this year, bringing new flavors and combinations for lunch and dinner seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The Fraiolis have been working in the restaurant industry for over 50 years combined. Finally, it came time for them to do something for themselves and after doing some research BurgerIM was well-suited. Greg explained that BurgerIM is Hebrew for many burgers and the concept is from Israel. In 2011, the franchise was introduced in the United States with a location opening up in Los Angeles. So, in 2017 they drove down and met at the restaurant and then discussed the business back at the corporate office.

“They were really impressed with all our experience that we had,” said Greg. “She (Danielle) spent the whole year of 2018 getting everything together like the contractors, our liquor license and everything that goes into opening up a restaurant. We finally opened on March 16, 2019.”

They have 10 different patties on the menu that come in big or small sizes. Not only can you get an uncut burger which is a plant based vegetarian burger or a lamb or turkey burger, but you can get dry aged angus beef, grilled chicken, chicken strips, and monster chicken wings. They have a duo of mini burgers so if you wanted to, you could try both the Spanish beef, which is a blend of chorizo and beef and the Hawaiian Salmon that has a quarter-pound patty, red cabbage slaw, pineapple, ginger vinaigrette and barbecue glaze. Another option is the trio which is three mini burgers that can be mixed and matched with your choice of toppings. They also offer a Family box and Party box to share that come with a variety of tasty combinations of burgers, wings, fries or onion rings. The Falafel burger is a quarter-pound patty, tahini, baby greens, pickles, shaved onions and Roma tomatoes; it is also vegan friendly. They recently added Wagyu beef back to the menu which is a Japanese beef cattle breed.

“We are doing good,” added Greg. “We are just trying to find our rushes. When people are coming in to visit us so that we can schedule accordingly to make sure we have staff on hand.”

They have four beers on tap, a few bottled options and a very unique beer system that pours the beer from the bottom up. The bottoms up draft beer system has a metal ring at the bottom of the glass that is sealed by an FDA approved magnet. The dispenser fills the cup with a preprogrammed amount which allows there to be more beer and less foam.

“Our beer system is different,” stated Greg. “There is nothing like it around here. It fills the glass up from the bottom. I call it the coolest beer in town. It is cold beer but to see it also makes it the coolest beer in town.”

For wine lovers, they have a variety of local wines that are available and spritzers. Although they are a franchise the Fraiolis were able to put their own special touches on their restaurant.

“Our Angus beef is a popular item and then our dry aged beef, the cowboy style which means it has BBQ sauce, bacon, onions, and cheddar cheese,” said Danielle. “Our onion rings are another popular item, as well as our French fries which are not like anybody else’s fries; they are soft in the middle and crispy on the outside.”
For those with gluten free needs they offer a gluten free bun or a lettuce wrap option which will also satisfy those on the Keto diet as well as their fresh salads.

The handmade milkshakes are delightful like the cookies and cream made with scoops of vanilla ice cream, Oreo cookies, and milk blended and topped with a chocolate drizzle, whip cream and of course a few more cookie crumbles. There are also vanilla, chocolate and strawberry shakes. Danielle said that one day a group of three ordered one shake, walked away and then came back and ordered two more, expressing how delicious they were.

The variety of burgers continues with a Caliente style burger that comes with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, mixed greens, and a habanero aioli. The California style burger has Swiss cheese, chipotle aioli, mixed greens, tomato, and in true California fashion, avocado.

“Like I said BurgerIM stands for many burgers,” Greg shared with a smile. “There is a burger for every day of the week. The reason that we tried it out was because they had so many options and variety to choose from. With the combinations and toppings that we do have, there are over 40 million different ways that you can personally customize your burger.”

They make their habanero, chipotle, garlic aioli, and sweet crunchy garlic aioli in house. They have a social media board where people that take pictures of their food and tag them will rotate on their board.

The Fraiolis support the military and first responders, offering discounts to uniformed personnel.

The burgers are all charbroiled and when you add in the multitude of toppings and options to choose from, with their mix and match combos or party boxes or the half onion rings half fries, there is something for everyone at BurgerIM.