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Taqueria Sonora offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Taco Tuesday is a real thing around these parts but that is not the only time you can have some tasty tacos. Tacos are served on a daily basis at Taqueria Sonora in Sonora and there are a variety of tacos to choose from including the crispy taco, street taco, or the taco flour tortilla that can be filled with meats like carne asada, carnitas, al pastor, pollo, or pollo asado. Street tacos are $1 on Taco Tuesday at the Taqueria.

Taqueria Sonora owner Sergio Jimenez said that the original family owned business began with a Taqueria Manteca in Manteca over 20 years ago, bringing their family recipes and deliciousness that has made them a go-to taqueria.

Several years ago, a few family members took a trip to Black Oak Casino and stirred up an appetite, then they looked for a place that served up good tacos. They were unable to find something to satisfy their taste buds so they decided to bring a taqueria to Sonora. They have done just that, with help from Sonia and Maria Jimenez and Paco Contreras. They have been open now for about six years and have become famous in Sonora for their offerings according to Jimenez.

They also do catering and have had food trucks at both Ironstone and Black Oak’s Westside Pavilion for their outdoor concerts.
“We were looking for some good tacos and we tried some different places and we didn’t like them,” said Jimenez. “So we decided to bring some good tacos here. We are known for a lot of things like our chile rellenos and pastor.”

DENNIS CRUZ/209 Business Journal
Taqueria Sonora does catering and have had food trucks at both Ironstone and Black Oak’s Westside Pavilion for their outdoor concerts.

They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Taqueria Sonora and have a variety of combination plates, nachos, burritos, shrimp and all the fixings like rice and beans. Their chips are homemade as well as their assortment of salsas in all heat varieties from hot to hotter to medium and mild; all are made from scratch and change on occasion. They have a row of hot sauces that they offer their guests to satisfy any palate.

“People love the chili sauce options,” added Jimenez. “One time someone asked us if we had something else besides Tapatio. So we started getting different kinds of sauces and people really enjoy that. They always take pictures of the sauces.”

To wash it down they offer an array of beverages including imported and domestic beer, Jarritos, and freshly made agua frescas in watermelon, melon, horchata, and hibiscus in house that change on a regular basis. They also have wine and beer and of course a mouthwatering Michelada made with Clamato and other spices.

The Jimenez family has lived in Riverbank for over 35 years.
“We take pride in what we do,” expressed Jimenez. “That is why if you ask anybody here in Sonora where is the best taqueria they are going to point you to this spot. People tell us that. We have everybody here at Taqueria Sonora especially on Taco Tuesday. Dollar tacos on Taco Tuesday and everybody gathers here. You’ve got to be here.”