Releve is under new ownership. The husband and wife team of Emily and Matt Ridjaneck took over the group fitness studio created at 104 W. Main St. in Ripon.

“We looked at this as a great opportunity,” said Emily, who took up the offer from previous owner Jennie Gall.

Since then, she’s expanded the schedule, focusing exclusively on boutique group fitness classes – Barre, Cardio Circuit, Mat Pilates, Piloxing, TRX, and Total Body.

Each workout ends with the signature Releve relaxation. “It’s a simple moment of peace before returning to your day,” Emily said.

She and her husband, Matt — both are instructors at Releve, which, in French, means ‘raised up’ — have been in Ripon since 2016.

They relocated here from historic Williamsburg, Virginia, having met at the College of Williams & Mary. Matt Ridjaneck is a former Division I athlete, having played outside linebacker for the Tribe football program.

Not too long ago, he made an effort to incorporate all of the instructors at Releve, realizing that classes such as Barre and Pilates were “a tremendous compliment” to his workout.

“I now use these classes to supplement what I do,” said Matt, who is the instructor for Total Body and Cardio Circuit.

Emily teaches everything for the exception of yoga. She offers add-on classes such as Revele Mamas, which is a stroller-friendly walk-and-stop workout for mothers and their children around the Mistlin Sports Park. Emily and Matt are parents to 3-year-old Ryland and 10-month-old Cooper. The six-week program kicked off earlier this week and will run through Nov. 20.

Releve Reset, another add-on, is a fitness and nutrition series designed to shape one’s foundation with unlimited fitness and yoga classes coupled with a personal accountability coach, weekly meal plans, and check-in meetings.

Open Mondays through Saturdays, Releve offers classes in the early morning along with late afternoon.

“We offer more than just a workout,” Emily said. “We combine physical fitness with mental well-being.”

The Ridjaneck family is thrilled to be part of the community.

“We feel lucky to call Ripon home and are proud to continue Releve’s commitment to fitness, wellness and community,” Emily said.

For more information, call 757.903.7755 or click on to