When Doug and Debbie Wesson first opened their business in 1979, they handled everything for patients and their hearing care needs.

Today, Wesson Hearing Care Center is a trusted hearing care provider in San Joaquin County, with nine employees and offices in Modesto, Tracy, Ripon and Manteca.

Doug and Debbie celebrated their 40th anniversary of the business at 1079 Eucalyptus St. Ste. 8 on Oct. 28, serving up cake, wine, hors d’oeuvres and cheese.

About a year ago, the Wessons sold their business to Julia Tyner, who has worked for them for the past nine years.

She started in optometry, working in Modesto prior to coming aboard to Wesson Hearing – Doug and Debbie continue to work there.

“I hope they’re here forever,” said Tyner, who benefits from the experience and knowledge of the previous owners, from the healthcare to the business side of the operation.

Doug and Debbie Wesson are parents to three adult children and nine grandchildren. The business started out handling both optical and hearing before focusing strictly on hearing care solutions about year ago.

What’s been the secret of success for this longtime business?

“We put the patient first,” Tyner said. “We’re not afraid to take chances (on brining in the latest technology).”

Doug Wesson is a board-certified hearing instrument specialist and certified audioprosthologist. He also wears a hearing aid and is aware what it’s like to live with loss of hearing and how it affects a person’s personality, confidence and relationship with others.

In recent years, Doug Wesson traveled to Fiji. In the Sautabu Village, he conducted over 400 hearing tests and fitted 300 of the people there with hearing aids made possible by the generosity of Otico, the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers and its foundation ‘People First.’

The Wesson Hearing Aid Center offers complimentary hearing tests and consultations to those in the community.

“This allows an individual to establish a baseline and determine if hearing instruments are appropriate treatment for them,” he said.