Dave Wilson Nursery — the world’s largest commercial nut and fruit tree nursery — has purchased Fredriks Nursery in Ripon.

The acquisition will increase environment-controlled greenhouse tree farming by 13 additional acres, allowing for significant growth within the Dave Wilson Nursery potted tree division.  Thus, confirming tremendous and rapid growth for the largest nut and fruit tree nursery in the world.

“For some time our leadership team at Dave Wilson Nursery had their eyes set on greenhouse expansion to meet the growing demands of tree farmers,” noted CEO Bill Reid. “When David Fredrik approached us with the opportunity to purchase, the deal came together quickly. This has been a win-win because David wanted to sell and we’re looking to grow our potted division. Obviously, the acquisition is better than new build construction for environmental and timing reasons.”

Currently used as a flower nursery, the greenhouses will undergo technological enhancements to adhere to Dave Wilson Nursery’s stringent quality requirements for growing almond, walnut and stone fruit varieties and rootstock. Compared to farming open ground, greenhouse farming allows for more efficient and productive farming with increased consistency.

Fredriks Nursery presently employs approximately 20 full-time staff and 140 seasonal employees. With the location of the Fredriks Nursery facility within 30 miles of the Dave Wilson Nursery Hickman headquarters, seamless internal operations transition will ensue. 

 “When the opportunity to sell to a fellow Central Valley family-owned business presented itself, it made sense for our family to sell at this time in our life. We believe that Dave Wilson Nursery will be a good partner here in Ripon and we’re pleased by the local leadership,” said David Fredrik.

The deal is scheduled to close in January 2020, with crop conversion goals set for this Winter and early Spring.