As a Stanford-trained, sports medicine specialist, I have been practicing orthopaedic surgery in Modesto for nearly 25 years.

Decades of experience in the operating room afforded me the opportunity to improve the surgical experience for doctors, staff and patients. However, as the Founder and CEO of ProcedureCard, Inc., I initially found it challenging to grow our healthcare technology startup in the Central Valley.

ProcedureCard has faced many obstacles in the software startup journey, but things began to change when I met a group of local techies at the Valley Hackathon hosted at the ValleyWorx tech co-working space in Modesto. The Modesto/Stockton area has traditionally lacked experienced tech entrepreneurs and technology partners, but that is now changing rapidly thanks to Bay Valley Tech, Lamar Software and the tech ecosystem they are fostering. These companies and many others provide encouragement, experience and technical expertise, filling a need in our local entrepreneurial community. I used to travel quite frequently to Silicon Valley to build connections needed for ProcedureCard’s success, but now our software engineers, accounting, legal, branding and marketing resources are all in the 209.

ProcedureCard is a software company based in Modesto that is solving a major problem in surgery. This platform manages the surgical preference cards used by surgeons and operating room staff. Like a recipe card, ProcedureCard creates the surgeons’ lists of tools and instruments needed for surgery. Every surgery is unique and each provider has a special list of items that they need. For many facilities, these cards are not accurate. Many surgery centers still use index cards, pen and paper to keep up with the surgeons’ preferences. Over the years, this recurring problem was a source of frustration for the operative team. Creating ProcedureCard was a labor of love as our team created a software platform that solved a universal problem in surgery—inaccurate and inaccessible surgical preference cards.

Our app enables the surgical team to be safer and more efficient in the “new normal.” Our product offers a seamless comprehensive system that provides surgical teams access to surgical preference cards 24/7/365 on any connected device. Now, the team can access, create, and most importantly, update cards in real time. With accurate cards, the team is better prepared for surgery. ProcedureCard improves supply chain management, saves time, money, minimizes waste and, most importantly, improves patient care. ProcedureCard’s global customer base speaks to the universal problem our company solves.

As an advisor for Women Techmakers, a Google initiative, I now collaborate with the local tech community. ProcedureCard helps to nurture the growing and diverse Modesto technology community.

With the help of our Central Valley tech community, ProcedureCard was recently noted as a “Top Ten Cloud-based Solution Provider for the Healthcare Industry – 2020.” Whether your business is a tech company or not, your team can benefit from the expertise of local techies, too.

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