Taylor Maldonado

Local court reporter earns national certification
The National Court Reporters Association, the country’s leading organization representing stenographic court reporters, captioners, and legal videographers, has announced that Taylor Maldonado has earned the nationally recognized Registered Professional Reporter certification, having demonstrated her ability to produce a high-quality verbatim record. RPR certification distinguishes stenographic court reporters as being among the top contributors to the profession in terms of reporting skills, transcript production, reporting and operating practices, and professionalism.
Earning RPR credentials is quite an accomplishment given the amount of preparation and knowledge that successful candidates must possess to pass. Those who hold RPR credentials are not only among the top stenographic court reporters in the profession, but they also embark on a path of lifetime learning with continuing education requirements.
Maldonado, from Dos Palos, is a member of NCRA and works as a Communication Access Reatime Translation provider.
To be recognized as a RPR, candidates must pass a written knowledge test on industry best practices and a skills test that combines a challenging threshold of both speed and accuracy. RPR-certified court reporters are in high demand among the nation’s premier law firms, courthouses and other scenarios in which a reliable, accurate transcript of proceedings is required.
“Having the title of RPR makes me feel accomplished in that any struggle or obstacle I had to overcome, I kept working to make sure that I completed my goals. It is an absolute pleasure to be a member of the NCRA,” Maldonado said.

Dr. James
Dr. Joe Neal

Retiring cardiac surgeons leave lasting impact on Central Valley
The Cardiovascular Institute of Doctors Medical Center would like to congratulate two longtime cardiac surgeons who were instrumental in the development of the hospital’s heart surgery program: Dr. James MacMillan and Dr. Joe Neal. Both recently retired.
Both physicians led the Doctors Medical Center heart surgery program during the 80s and 90s. Dr. MacMillan came to Modesto in 1978 and Dr. Neal, who grew up in Modesto, returned in 1982.
“While not replaceable, Dr. MacMillan and Dr. Neal leave a legacy of excellence both in the operating room and in the community,” said hospital spokesperson Krista Deans in a press release. “Doctors Medical Center thanks both men for their incredible service to the hospital, patients and community. They have touched so many lives and will be greatly missed by their colleagues.”

Wesley Hall

Valley First long-time board member honored with prestigious award
Valley First Credit Union is proud to celebrate long-term board member Wesley Hall as a recipient of the J. Alvin George Outstanding Volunteer Award from the California and Nevada Credit Union League. The annual award honors significant contributions by people who serve credit unions in volunteer capacities.
Hall has been connected to Valley First Credit Union for literally as long as it’s been in existence. While not called Valley First at the time, Wes began lending his time and talent to the then Stanislaus County Employees Federal Credit Union shortly after it was chartered in 1949. His professional roles included administration positions with Stanislaus County Hospital and the Public Health Department but was ultimately most known for his personal connections to people and the volunteer roles he held.
“I remember as a kid we’d pick him up from work,” said Gary Hall, Wes’ son and current Valley First Board Member. “He wouldn’t make it to the car without several people approaching him to talk about their situations and ask advice. I saw him many times open his personal wallet to help.”
He brought that same dedication to the credit union as just one more way to represent and assist county employees. After serving on the credit union Supervisory and Loan Committees for nearly 10 years, Wes was elected to the board of directors in 1957. He went on to serve 35 years as Chairman, only stepping down to Vice Chairman in 1994. With 70 years of service, Wes now serves as Director Emeritus, continuing to lend his vast knowledge of leading a successful credit union. His continued dedication shined when the organization set out to select a new leader in 2019 and set the overall future direction and growth of Valley First.
“Wes was a highlight of my interviews with the Valley First Board of Directors. His dedication and knowledge of our industry is a model every credit union should be so lucky to have,” said Valley First President and CEO Kathryn Davis. “I am very grateful for his ongoing contributions.”
Hall received his award during the 2020 REACH Conference on November 5, which was held virtually.