With support from the Porges Family Foundation, Stanislaus Community Foundation recently launched Profit with Purpose, Stanislaus County’s first training program to build and launch social enterprises.   

The inaugural cohort of Profit with Purpose includes local nonprofits Habitat for Humanity Stanislaus, Modesto Gospel Mission, Haven Women’s Center, LearningQuest–SLC, Enrich and Employ, Center for Human Services, Modesto Children’s Museum, City Ministry Network, Downtown Streets Team, The Food Initiative of Greater Stanislaus, and Cricket’s Hope. 

The goal of the program is to catalyze the entrepreneurial success of these local organizations though a 10-week curriculum taught by San Diego-based Mission Edge. Participating organizations will receive coaching from local experts, technical assistance, and peer support to help them develop and refine their business idea.  

Social enterprises apply commercial strategies to make a positive difference for social good such as creating job opportunities for people who have significant barriers to mainstream employment, contributing a portion of their profits to address basic unmet needs or advance social causes. 

“The first cohort of Profit With Purpose is a dynamic group of nonprofits leaders ready to scale efforts to advance their organizations’ mission,” said Marian Kaanon, CEO of Stanislaus community Foundation.  “The business ideas shared with us during the application process were very creative. We look forward to seeing how these organizations plan to make positive differences in the lives of the clients they serve and diversify their revenue streams at the same time.” 

“We are encouraged by the response the program has received from the nonprofit community and their interest in applying an entrepreneurial mindset to their long-term sustainability plan.” Said Norm Porges co-founder of the Porges Family Foundation.   

“We are also inspired by the many local experts who are lending their expertise to this effort by mentoring the participating organizations,” added Porges Family Foundation co-founder Evan Porges. 

Local mentors who are paired to provide their business expertise to participating nonprofits are: Norm Porges, Evan Porges, Jeremiah Williams, Matt Henderson, Lynn Dickerson, Adrienne Daniels, John Sablan, John Schneider, John Jacinto, Clive Grimbleby, Mike Zagaris, Seana Day, Colby Bell, Bill Seavy, Jeff Virgil and Sally Gerbo. 

The Profit With Purpose inaugural class will culminate on June 29 with a Pitch Competition sponsored by Valley First Credit Union. 

For more information about Profit With Purpose and Stanislaus Community Foundation, visit www.StanislausCF.org