If you are running a business that only has a storefront and no website or online shop to back your sales up, you miss out on many business growth opportunities. The truth is that brick-and-mortar businesses (only selling from a physical location) are in big trouble thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an era where customers are mobile and used to shopping from their screens, you need to transform your brick-and-mortar approach to a click-and-order one.

‘What does that mean?’

The COVID crisis has taken a toll on many businesses. However, the pandemic only sped up what was already happening, which was the online retail boom, and made people aware that online shopping can be an excellent experience for buyers and a profitable channel for sellers.

Since 2018, 59% of the retail stores have closed because of this trend. The digital economy is here, and it is present. But how are you going to make most of it?

Below, we are sharing our take on the situation – as well as some recommendations on optimizing your online presence in the new, digital way.

The 3 Biggest Changes You Need to Make When Pivoting to An Online Business

If you are already on the right path towards transforming your business from brick-and-mortar location to click-and-order, you need more than just building your website and having your shop plugin.

Online shopping is nothing like offline shopping. Nowadays, consumers don’t click through pages for fun or stumble upon eCommerce stores out of nowhere. That is why you need to follow these three things to succeed in your digital journey:

Help people find you online with SEO.

Make your product range reflective of your online shoppers’ behavior and persona.

Encourage every shopper to return to your eCommerce store with a reminder process.

Following these steps gives you a good chance of thriving despite the havoc COVID delivered. You need to find your true business identity, showcase it through your online store, and show everyone that you are committed to making online shopping easier.

How Will People Find Your Online Store? 

If this question is bothering you, you should know that there is no shortcut to becoming successful online. However, there are proven strategies that work and can help you get more customers.

One of the things you should do is experiential marketing. For instance, you can use Facebook as an advertising platform, start using more search keywords on your pages, write blogs, show everyone why your products are different, and spotlight the specific value they offer.

Experts recommend keeping your eCommerce store optimized for one niche only – it could be the best strategy for tapping into an exact target audience.

High Margins Matter and You Should Know the Following . . .

Many online entrepreneurs don’t sell anything because of their inability to understand their market needs. No matter how good your products are, it would be best to find a way to match them to what people are ordering.

On another note, you should make sure that your store is optimized with nicely designed photos, buttons, products, and descriptions — all of which is the sum of Conversion Rate Optimization. 

These details matter and can help a customer see if you are worth shopping from or not. Consider implementing a comprehensive SEO and CRO strategy — it will serve you well.

Ultimately, winning more online customers is inevitable if you offer a great buying experience, discount codes, bonuses, and a personalized experience with each order. Things like this matter and can be crucial to making your click-and-order website perform well in the online world. 

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