N Street between W. 16th Street and W. 18th Street in Merced is getting a major facelift with the addition of more parking spaces and an upgrade to lighting and sidewalks.

The N Street Improvement project includes changing parallel parking to diagonal parking, installation of ADA ramps, new curb, gutter, sidewalks, streetlights, trees, and alley approaches. The project also calls for improving a portion of the alley between W. Main Street and W. 18th Street behind the Merced Civic Center.

“As commercial projects are being completed in Downtown Merced, we need to make sure that there is adequate parking for customers and visitors. The City will continue to make improvements to enhance the Downtown experience. Lighting, sidewalks, and accessibility are all part of the experience.”

The $1.09-million project is funded through a variety of sources including Measure V, Senate Bill 1 Local Partnership Program, and Sewer Enterprise Funds. The California Transportation Commission approved the use of Senate Bill 1 Local Partnership Program Funds. Measure V is Merced County’s 30-year 1/2 cent transportation sales tax that was passed by voters in November 2016.

“The N Street Improvement Project is a perfect example of blending improvements with new uses in Downtown Merced like the Tioga Apartments,” said District 3 Council

Member Bertha Perez. “The N Street project also shows the benefit of public-private partnerships.”

“By reconfiguring the parking spaces along N Street between W. 16th Street to W. 18th Street from parallel to diagonal, parking will increase by 15 spaces,” said City Manager Stephanie Dietz. “This is a very cost-effective way of increasing on-street parking without paying the high cost for a new parking garage.”

West Main Street at N Street is open to through traffic. Northbound and Southbound N Street traffic between W. 16th Street to W. 18th Street is being diverted to alternative routes. The contractor will make provisions for access to businesses fronting N Street, but access may be blocked while new sidewalk, curb, and gutter is formed and poured.