Kelsey Wysinger, and her boyfriend Anthony Palomino, are ready to pamper dogs around the Westside with the launch of their mobile grooming business, Paw Spaw.

The couple are new to Newman from the Brentwood area. 

The start of the business came to Wysinger at the age of 17, when she fell into the problem of not being able to find a dog groomer for her small Yorkie dog due to his behavior at the groomers. She eventually took it into her own hands to groom her dog,  buying clippers and dog cleaning products.

“My dog was so bad at the groomers, so I decided to groom him myself,” Wysinger said. “I remember not knowing what do so I worked with PetSmart and discovered this was something I truly enjoyed doing.”

She eventually branched off leaving PetSmart and had her own rental booth, where she had a good amount of clientele coming in from the Brentwood and surrounding areas. Then eventually after a few years Wysinger decided to leave the rental booth and do a mobile van to save money on rent. She also discovered the dogs are less stressed out when the groomer comes to them.

“I really learned a lot in my years at PetSmart, along with that, the rental booth really gave me that freedom of doing what I love to do at a location,” she said. “ Then three years ago in May I decided to go mobile and travel to clients location and groom their dogs from my van, which I found more convenient.”

Wysinger said her process of grooming a pet begins with going to to the location and picking up the  dog and transferring them into the van. She takes them through the normal procedure of grooming hair, nails, cleaning ears and an all around bath. The grooming service lasts about 45 minutes, depending on the size of the dog.

“I want to note to the community due to sometimes me being by myself, my weight limit for a dog can be no heavier than 100 pounds and then other days with the assistance of Anthony Palomino, the weight can go higher,” Wysinger said.

Since moving to Newman, Wysinger and Palomino said they love the small town feel, and just enjoy how nice everyone here has been. They are really hoping there is a large clientele for grooming pets here in Newman.

“So far I love Newman. It’s a huge difference from Brentwood and how the culture is down there,” Wysinger said.

As of now Wysinger is booked until December with clients from the Brentwood area but says she is going to work on trying to get her Newman clients booked in.

Paw Spaw is still in the process of choosing days for Newman but as of now they hope to be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The best way to contact them is through text message at (925) 446-5058. 

“At the moment I’m still working out prices, so you can call and get a quote with me,” Wysinger said. “Also here we do all sizes for dogs and that’s one thing I’ve noticed not a lot of other groomers will do.

“I want to also encourage my clients to book a week in advance time with me just to make the process go smoother. I will also have times every start of the hour,” Wysinger added.