With a vision of creating a healthy alternative for pizza, Sambit Duttaroy and his wife Dr. Priti Modi established Pizzeria Halt in Modesto. After only a couple years and all the challenges of COVID they have survived and will be opening their first franchisee in New Jersey.

The idea originated in 2018 when the couple first met and they realized that there were not very many healthy alternatives out there for people with special food needs. Since pizza is very popular and universal they decided to open a pizzeria offering their guests a healthy alternative hence the name Pizzeria Halt meaning stop or healthy alternative.

Dr. Modi is an Internal Medicine Doctor and she has had her own practice for 27 years. When she attended a conference she was inspired by a Kaiser Dietician that mentioned that there are not enough options locally for cancer patients that need a plant-based diet. This made it important for them not only to open this type of restaurant in Modesto but establish a chain or franchise under the banner of Pizzeria Halt to offer these options everywhere.

With Sambit being lactose intolerant and Priti a vegetarian it made total sense to create a plant-based gourmet pizzeria. Priti explained that it was very difficult in the beginning to create a 100 percent plant-based pizza. However, with Sambit’s experience cooking plant-based foods and his determination, they created several unique options that can be found at Pizzeria Halt.

Not only are they plant-based with no animal products but they are nut and dairy free and have gluten free options without any cross contamination.

The staff and others have taste tested and approved many of their options and since opening in January 2020 they have quite a few customer favorites like the Chipotle Chicken pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, the Hardy Boy, the Cowboy Pizza, and the Keto Hummus Pizza.

“You will get the most unique pizza here and they are healthy,” said Priti. “You will not see these flavors anywhere else. The sauce on top is made fresh here. It is a garlic aioli sauce that is a homemade recipe that gives it zest and it looks good too.”
Their signature pizza is the Chipotle Chicken Pizza that has a crust that is made fresh in house with creamy chipotle sauce, plant-based cheese, and plant-based chicken that is topped with fresh Pico de Gallo, creamy chipotle drizzle, garlic aioli drizzle, and chopped cilantro.

The Pepperoni Pizza has homemade marinara sauce, plant-based cheese and plant-based pepperoni.

If you want to try house made BBQ sauce with freshly made crust, plant-based cheese, red onion, pineapple, and plant-based chicken the BBQ Chicken Pizza would be the choice for you.

They also have Garlic Knots, Cinni-Bites, Hummus Bread Sticks, and Cheesy Pesto Bread Sticks with a homemade Pesto sauce that is nut free.

Dr. Modi has had a plant-based diet since birth and with her family history of diabetes, hypertension and other things, having healthy food alternatives is extremely important to her. Through her practice she has also seen several people that are lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, nut, and food allergies and other dietary restrictions.

They are delighted to bring a healthy alternative to Modesto that has great flavor and several options for anyone with dietary restrictions of any kind.

“He wanted to share his kitchen to allow others to enjoy it,” said Dr. Modi. “We assure you that you will not find such unique pizzas anywhere else. So, we say it is Pizzeria Halt. You must Halt/stop here to try our healthy, delicious plant-based pizzas, which are so unique.”

They received the Small Business of the Year award in 2020 from the Modesto Chamber of Commerce for their innovation in pizza and a Green Certificate for their Eco Friendly practices and use of plant-based products.

Their first franchisee in New Jersey had a soft opening and plan on having a Grand Opening on Valentine’s Day.
They are open from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and are closed on Sundays.

Pizzeria Halt is located at 3440 McHenry Ave Ste D-10 in Modesto in the Marshall’s Shopping Center.