VIRGINIA STILL/209 Business Journal
The food from the café is still available to order like the quiches, pecan sticky buns, morning buns, salads, soups, chili, and lasagna.

Greens on Tenth started out as a Market, morphed into a café, and continues to be a thriving catering business and event venue. The café closed due to the mandates from the pandemic and Owner Ann Endsley has no plans to reopen it. Her focus will remain on the things that she is most passionate about, which are catering, events, and creating jobs.
“We never intended to open a restaurant or be in the restaurant business,” stated Endsley. “We just kept responding to the customer’s needs. Greens is a catering company. Our mission was to start out in the market and then move on to catering. It (the café) was so much effort to keep that up and do all our events and corporate catering and prepared meals.”
The pandemic caused several challenges for people which pushed them to be creative to sustain, as did Endsley. They began cooking for seniors, veterans, and struggling families. For the past couple of years, they partnered with the United Way on a few projects where Greens provides meals and they deliver them to those in need.
She added, “One thing that we should note is that we are really proud that we were able to keep our entire team going during the pandemic because we pivoted the company to start making meals for vulnerable families and people. The Underground Kitchen really took off during the pandemic.”
Underground Kitchen is a prepared food delivery company.
Greens expanded operations to 2424 McHenry Ave., with Gather and Event Collection where they have a retail shop, event rentals, cooking classes, and other events. Patrons can access the extensive collection of modern, antique, and vintage items for events at Event Collection.
In the same building through a doorway is Gather, which Endsley explained, “is a great big kitchen that looks like a giant home kitchen and we do cooking classes. We also do showers and birthday parties and it is another event venue from Greens.”
They partnered with Angela Burge Medicine Woman, who is local and is knowledgeable about detox, clean eating and using herbs for remedies.
“She is really a wonderful great local gal,” expressed Endsley. “We have been doing classes with her and I think we are on our fourth detox program where people buy the food from us and then go through the program with her. The classes that Angela Burge teaches on using very clean food and herbs for health purposes are all held at Gather. So, we have been doing some interesting collaborations lately.”
Greens acquired Alexandra’s Home & Garden from Oakdale and merged that with Gather. This allowed them to open a retail shop with table top furnishings, décor, candles, and soaps. Endsley noted that people through the years have inquired about purchasing the entertaining pieces and now with the retail shop they can.
“At Gather we are creating experiences like cooking classes, classes for kids, candle-making classes so it is a place for the community to gather and celebrate and have really great memorable experiences with their family and friends,” noted Endsley. “It is really about people that work for us and the people that we serve.”
The food from the café is still available to order like the quiches, pecan sticky buns, morning buns, salads, soups, chili, and lasagna. The food items can be picked up at Gather where there is plenty of parking making it an easy in and out.
The large event venue at Greens that was renovated more than five years ago and the rooms are available to make memories for life’s biggest celebrations or the smallest ones.
“My goal is to literally create jobs,” remarked Endsley. “When I get up in the morning, I get up to try to create really fun great jobs for people. These sister companies all kind of work together and most of our staff is cross-trained. So, it is one big happy family of sister companies. They all kind of work together.”